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If I am not a registered user, can I do online stock checking or ordering?

UPW StockStore is only open for registered user.  Non registered user cannot check stock or order online.  Please register as a user for checking stock, ordering online and tracking order at any time immediately after registration.
What if I do not receive password?

Some email service provider or software now provide email filter function for blocking virus or junk email, that may accidentally block the email from UPW.  If you do not receive verification email, please check if the fire wall is on, if the email goes to the junk email box, or the email address is invalid.  If not because of the above, please contact customer service for help.
What if I forget password?

If you forget your password, please go to login page and click "Forgotten password".  It will go to another page of password reset, then please enter your email address and press Submit. UPW will send an email to your email address, then please click the link for resetting password.
How to change password after registration?

Login to the "My account" page, click "Chang the password", enter the current password and the new password, and click "Save" to complete.
How to set a password?  How to increase the safety level?

1. Password should be a combination of alphabets, numbers and signs.
2. Password should not be too short, a combination between 6 to 20 letters would be better.
3. Password should not be set from daily use, such as ID number or date of birth.
4. Suggest to change password at a regular basis
What is the benefit of using email address as user name?

You can use email address for checking password when you forget or reset password.
How to amend account information? 

Sign in and go into “My account” for amendment. Please fill in and click "Save", then the amendment will be done.
How to search a product?

Enter the Stockstore page to directly search the desired products according to your needs, such as the number of quantity, composition, colour etc,. And click "Product Search " to complete the operation; If you know the colour code or colour name of your desired product, please enter the colour code or colour name directly into the search box to search.You can also directly click on the colour card for the current season or the previous season to view the products directly.
After order confirmation, can I change quantity, product or cancel order?

UPW StockStore do not provide online amendment or order cancellation at the moment, however, you can still contact customer service for help if you want to. Friendly reminder: after order confirmed, UPW will pass the order to various departments for arrangement automatically. A handling charge may be occurred base on the time to change order.
How to change my payment method?

UPW do not provide the service of changing payment method after confirmation at the moment.
If I choose “Bank In Payment” as payment method, how to upload the transfer receipt?

You can enter "My orders" to find the corresponding order, click the "upload payment slip" button on the lower right side of the order, click the plus sign in the pop-up window to add a file, click "upload" after the file is added, and click "Done" after uploading,you can complete the operation.
How long will be the stock kept if payment not yet completed after order placement?

1.  Waiting time of online payment is 30 mins.  Please complete payment in 30 mins after order placement; otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically.
2.  Waiting time of Bank In Payment is 48 hours.  Please complete payment in 48 hours after order placement; otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically.
What if online payment has not been done waiting time?Or After order submission, what if I do not choose payment method before Sign out? 

You can Sign in UPW StockStore and go into "My orders", then look for the order and click "Detail".  Once you get into Order detail, click "StockStore" at the bottom right hand side for checking stock level and order again.  When you confirm payment method and pay as you choose, the order will be completed!
How to use My Favourite List?

When you search for a desired product, click the heart icon to add it into My Favourite Lis; Please click on the front page heart icon to enter My Favourite List, where you can classify your favorite products, send emails to share with your friends', or check stock and place orders for purchasing in My Favourite List.
UPW StockStore online order procedure

Please register as a user of UPW StockStore first, then you can enjoy online order and order tracking whenever you want after registration complete. 
Please find below order procedure:
Step 1: Account registration by using email address 
Step 2: Select your product by searching desired product 
Step 3: Check stock level at real time 
Step 4: Go to Order
Step 5: Submit order and pay as you choose

How to register

Step 1
Move cursor to account icon on top right hand corner of UPW front page, then click "Login" shown below.
Step 2
After going into My Account, click "Register now" at the bottom right hand side. 
Step 3
Please fill in all required information. (A valid email address will be the only way for receiving password, resetting password, stock checking and online ordering. )
Step 4
If the necessary information has not been completed, please click " Confirm ".
Step 5
The registered email will receive the user's login password. If you need to change the password, please login to the “About me”for operation.
Step 1
Move cursor to account icon on top right hand corner of UPW front page, then click "Sign in" shown below.
Step 2
After going into login page, Sign in on the left hand side.
Step 3
Type in the right email address and password, then click “login in”for Sign in. 

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